Ways to make the most of Cyber Monday without discounting prices

Ways to make the most of Cyber Monday without discounting prices

Black Friday/Cyber Monday is getting closer, so it’s time to get serious about making the most of the sales opportunities that await you. If you’re not able to offer traditional Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts or want a way for your store to stand out, there are still great ways to get involved! Here are ten tips on how you can make the most of Black Friday & Cyber Monday Monday without discounts:

1. Start Promotions Early

Offer free shipping for orders over £xx by giving customers an early heads up (and using triggered emails ) – people will love that they don’t have to pay for shipping and will be happier to place orders early.

2. Get Creative with Discount Codes

Create specific coupon codes for each product to incentivise customers – you could even partner up with influencers in your niche to create exclusive promo codes that can only be shared through their channels. Customers respond well when they feel like they’re one of the few who are in the know!

3. Create Your Event-Based Deals

Host flash sales instead, or design challenges where people have to interact with your social media accounts in order to get a discount code. Promoting this kind of promotional event can also work, but avoid having too many giveaways because it’ll devalue your brand name if you give away products too often.

4. Make Your Site Mobile Responsive

If your site isn’t mobile-optimised, you’re missing out on customers who’d rather use their phones for all their shopping needs. People love to shop when they’re in the moment, so make it easy for them by reducing load times and enhancing navigation!

5. Reward Repeat Customers with Loyalty Programs

Offer weekly promotions (like buy one get one free), discounts, or free shipping to customers who regularly buy from you – this is a low-effort way to increase sales volume even if something like Cyber Monday isn’t right around the corner. It’s also excellent customer service that encourages loyalty; everyone loves perks!

6. Set Up Your Own Black Friday/Cyber Monday Page

Create a landing page with product info and links to buy and market it through paid ads. You can also choose to run this page for longer than one day to offer discounts outside of Cyber Monday week.

7. Find Ways to Make Purchases Easier

Offer same-day delivery or pick-up options like “get my order by 8 pm today!” or “pick up in-store within an hour”, etc. It might seem like only stores near big cities would be able to do this. Still, Amazon Prime now offers free same-day delivery in certain areas – check out where before you decide your shop can’t benefit from these kinds of instant gratification tactics!

8). Offer Free Shipping

This one comes up a lot during Cyber Monday, but it’s really effective, so don’t forget about it on Black Friday! People are more willing to buy when they know their order will arrive quickly, and offering free shipping reduces that last-minute hesitation you might get while someone decides whether or not to complete the buying process.

9). Offer Discount Codes for Social Media Shares

Promote your sales with influencers by creating codes for people who share your deals on social media – this is more effective than simply running ads because it gives potential customers a chance to try out your products risk-free before committing to an order. Be sure to check the influencer’s follower count beforehand, though!

10. Run Special BOGO Promotions or Sweepstakes

This is a great way to excite existing customers and give them a chance to win the item they’ve been eyeing for a discounted price. Ecommerce stores often use this tactic, but you can also host giveaways on Giveaways & Sweepstakes to get more people involved!

Remember: discounts aren’t everything!