New PageSpeed Insights Rolled Out

New PageSpeed Insights Rolled Out

Google announced a couple of weeks ago that the new PageSpeed Insights has been released and is now rolling out to everyone. Addy Osmani from Google said this upgrade makes it easier for users when measuring performance and improving on using real-world or lab data with an intuitive interface that was previously available only through their engineering team’s work time!

What is PageSpeed Insights

The PageSpeed Insights tool is an exciting new addition to Google’s suite of tools. It analyses the content on your web page and generates suggestions for how you can make it faster, based on real-world data from Chrome browsers! The upgrade in 2018 means they’re using more than just artificial intelligence – this time around, there are also human experts analysing each field report before making changes that could have a significant impact on site performance across all locations worldwide.”

Test a websites using PageSpeed Insights

The PageSpeed Insights tool is now located at

Why not test your own website to see how well it performs.

Updates to PageSpeed Insights

Google has also introduced Core Web Vitals assessment results, which earlier appeared as a single word “passed” or “failed. This helps it stand out and is now in its separate subsection with the icon of success!

“Google changed how they present this data,” said Google about their latest update on March 5th 2019″, to provide more clarity around where people can find what information.”

The PageSpeed Insights report now includes a new information section at the bottom of each field and lab card sharing the following details about sampled data including;

  • Data collection period
  • Visit durations
  • Devices
  • Network connections
  • Sample size
  • Chrome versions

There is an “Expand view” feature that allows you to drill down for more granular Core Web Vitals metrics in addition to images, videos or thumbnails when available on your page.

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