Can WooCommerce handle 50,000 products?

Can WooCommerce handle 50,000 products?

The e-commerce industry is growing at an incredible rate. With more people shopping online, it’s essential to find a solution that can keep up with the demands of your business. There are many different e-commerce solutions out there. Still, WooCommerce seems to be one of the most popular due to its simplicity and ability to grow with your business over time.

In this blog post, we will discuss how WooCommerce can handle 50,000 products on our website, as well as some other benefits you may not have heard about if you’re considering using WooCommerce for your store!

One of the main benefits of WooCommerce is its scalability. Meaning that it can grow with your business as you add more products and customers. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been in business for years, WooCommerce has the ability to handle large amounts of traffic and product data.

What about 50,000 products?

WooCommerce is more than capable of handling 50,000 products. I have built and currently manage a WooCommerce store with over 50,000 products or SKUs (stock-keeping units). For WooCommerce to take this amount of data, you have three crucial elements.

Web Hosting

You’ll need the correct hosting with CDN and caching optimisation setup. Unfortunately, I still see many companies thinking it’s 1999 and paying £1.99 a month is adequate.

Web Build

Cut out all the nonsense and bloat with an eCommerce this size it needs to be lean and lightweight in terms of resources and queries. As a rule, I like to keep WooCommerce sites to a maximum of 8 plugins.


When you deal with 50,000 products, having a clean and structured data set is imperative, enabling you to make bulk changes quickly.

What are the benefits of WooCommerce?

Another benefit of WooCommerce is its flexibility. WooCommerce allows you to create custom shopping experiences for your customers, which can set you apart from your competition. You have total control over how your store looks and functions, giving you the power to create a unique e-commerce experience for your shoppers.

In addition to handling large amounts of traffic and data, WooCommerce also comes with various essential features that any e-commerce store should have. Features like WooCommerce reports can help you keep track of your sales data. WooCommerce inventory management makes it easy to manage products across multiple locations or warehouses, ensuring your customers always receive their orders quickly.

If you’re looking for an e-commerce solution with scalability, flexibility, and a variety of essential features, WooCommerce might be the right choice for your business!